Fifth Element

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There is no future without it.


Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Action, Comedy, Romance

Bruce Willis, Gary Oldman, Milla Jovovich, Ian Holm, Chris Tucker

Throughout history, a priest has been assigned to guard mysterious stones representing the four elements-- water, wind, earth, and fire. They- along with an unknown fifth element- are rumored to hold the key to mankind's future salvation. When a bizarre and deadly planet of fire threatens earth, the prophecy of the stones seems true. Unfortunately the stones are nowhere to be found. What they do find is a few cells where the stones were kept. After some high-tech genetic engineering, the fifth element is cloned in the form of Leeloo (Jovovich), a young beautiful woman who can't speak a work of English.

Retired soldier Korben Dallas (Willis) is a taxi driver about to lose his license when Leeloo suddenly crashes through his roof while escaping from the government. Korben brings the girl to the priest who instantly recognizes her importance and prepares for the retrieval of the stones. Unfortunately they are not the only ones looking for the stones. Twisted corporate giant Zorg (Oldman) works for the evil planet ball so he also wants the stones, and he has enlisted the help of a mercenary alien race to do so.

All stone seekers head to paradise planet Flosten where they battle for the future of all life.

The Fifth Element is pure eye candy. It's chock full of fabulous sets and constumes, amazing special effects, and great action. It's entertaining because it's great to look at. Even the leads, Willis and Jovovich (who just happens to be a supermodel) are physically perfect. The tech-disco fashion style used in the movie is original while the panoramic shots of the city and the planets are gorgeous. Your eyes will not be disappointed.

Your mind, however, will have to be shut off for the duration of this flick. As you may notice from the summary above, the plot is completely far-fetched which is part of the movie's blind Hollywood entertainment appeal. There's a lot of nonsense floating around in this movie, but it's not a big deal becuase the movie is so fun. So what if those thermal bandages don't do anything but ensure boys of all ages will be drooling? So what if Leeloo changes from simpering babytalk to hardcore Xena and back again throughout the movie? So what if the introduction of Ruby makes absolutely no sense whatsoever? This movie looks good, sounds good, and delivers on the entertainment.

Bruce Willis plays his action hero with aplomb, injecting just enough self-deprecation and cynicism to make the movie quite funny. Jovovich's limited acting abilites were stretched but not broken as she was forced to babble inarticulately and then babble articulately. Holm played the distraught and absent-minded priest Cornelius wonderfully. In fact the only complaint I really have with this movie is the unbelievably grating character of Ruby (Tucker). He was loud, annoying, and totally unnecessary.

Point Blank:
Turn off the lights, open your eyes, suspend your logic, watch The Fifth Element.

Bruce Willis - finally he

Bruce Willis - finally he joins the sci fi scene!

Jovovich - see her in Dazed and Confused when she could speak (FOB) even less than she could in the 5th Element.

To date, my favourite Tucker appearance.