Now & Again

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Michael Wiseman is a happily married middle-aged and overweight insurance man. In the first episode of the series he is struck dead by a freak accident on the subway leaving his wife and daughter to deal with their grief. However, Michael's personality is saved in a top secret governement project. His brain is transplanted into a perfect genetically engineered body created by Dr. Theodore Morris. The only catch is that he must forget his former life; any attempt to make contact with his loved ones could result in immediate termination.

Confined to his house and essentially owned by the government, Michael must stretch the awesome limits of his body by working in odd and dangerous missions for the goverment. At the same time, he must learn to let go of his former life while still protecting his family and friends from afar. This proves to be more difficult than first imagined.


MICHAEL WISEMAN: Originally an obese middle-aged happily married man, he is now a legally dead experiment in a perfect body. He still retains his lovable boyish charm and wisecracking nature. Completely devoted to his wife and daughter, he is gradually learning to accept his new existence. He has superhuman abilities and can bend steel, withstand extreme temperatures, and hold his breath for minutes.

DR. THEODORE MORRIS: Michael's creator and overseer, Dr. Morris monitors Michael's abilities and progress by regulating his diet, training, and (lack of) extracurricular activities. A dry and seemingly humorless man, Dr. Morris tries to maintain a professional objectivity towards Michael, but every now and again shows a spark of compassion that hints of a begrudging affection and respect for his human guinea pig.

LISA WISEMAN: Michael's wife/widow, Lisa has gradually recovered from her husband's supposed death. She has received her license to practice real estate and has a wonderful close bond with her teenage daughter. Although she has several potential relationships burgeoning, she can't seem to shake her attraction to the mysterious Mr. Newman or her longing for her "dead" husband.

HEATHER WISEMAN: 15-year old daughter of Michael, Heather is very close to her mother and seems to have handled her father's death reasonably well. However, like many teens, Heather can be a surly disrespectful bitch. Sorry, but that's my opinion, and I really don't like her character. I think someone should send her an egg...

ROGER BENDER: Michael's coworker and friend, Roger still maintains a close relationship with the Wisemans. He is in an unhappy marriage himself and seems to have adopted Lisa and Heather as a pseudo family. Roger has a gift for showing up in the wrong place at the wrong time, and although not the sharpest pencil in the box, his heart is in the right place

Why It's Cool:
It's got action; it's got romance; it's got comedy; it's got drama. And lest we forget thie title of this site, it's got sci-fi. So it's got a bit of something for everyone.

The acting's great, and you actually end up really caring about Lisa and Michael as they are very lovable and appealing characters. Dr. Morris is engaging with his unpredictable mood swings of generosity or cruelty.

Another perk is the eye candy that is Michael Wiseman.

Why It's Not So Cool:
Because the series has elements from action, sci-fi, romance, drama, and comedy, it can tend to be a bit slow if you're interested in just one element. For example, exciting action/X-Filey elements like Egg-Man and Combusting-Lady are introduced and then hardly touched on for the next two episodes while characters explore their feelings.

My partner complained about the snail pace of the show, but he still watched it every week. I have to agree with him though, it really does drag sometime. With a premise as exciting as this one, the writers spend too much time on character development. Sadly, that will not retain or capture viewers, and I think this is one reason the show was cancelled.

Now and Again is like a chick flick with quirky action fights or a Van Damme movie with emotive dialogue. They traditionally don't go together, and many people don't like the combination, but it works nonetheless. Too bad it got cancelled before it took off.